Quality hand made leatherwork.

Foxblade Trading and Re-enactment Shoes is the trading name of Tod Booth. I have been making leatherwork for over 30 years. Originally I made saddle bags, tool rolls and motorcycle seat covers. I then started making leatherwork for my own use in historic re-enactment and it wasn't long before I was asked to make my friends things. As I have always had an interest in history I already had a large library to refer to for accurate examples. As time progressed so did word of my work and I started supplying museums, national organisations, TV/film companies, historic interpreters, theatres, as well as historic re-enactors. 
I made the decision to go back to college and studied at Tresham Institute and passed my City and Guilds in shoemaking. The knowledge I gained along with the examples I have seen in museums and collections meant that I could make accurate footwear and leatherwork using traditional techniques and authentic materials. I also realised that not everyone wants bespoke footwear, this can be because of price or because they need something at short notice. Working with a small shoemaking company I developed a range of off the peg footwear at reasonable prices. The designs are taken from existing examples or contemporary pictures. In general the uppers are hand sewn and the soles are machined. The designs have now been copied but when you buy from me you are buying from a qualified shoemaker who has done the research and not a reseller. I now hold what I believe is the biggest stock of full leather historic footwear in the UK. For more details please go to my footwear website www.re-enactment-shoes.co.uk

I specialise in making the unusual and one offs. As well as an experienced and qualified leatherworker I am qualified as an Engineer and worked in the Engineering Industry for most of my working life. Because of this I can design and manufacture items to your specification, everything I make is completely handmade, I use no machines.
What you see on this website are examples of some of the hundreds of items I have made. I have supplied dozens of museums in the UK and across the world as well as re-enactors, theatres and TV and and film. If you have been to the cinema or have a TV the chances are you have seen something I've made. I also make items and supply to English Heritage, The National Trust, Historic Scotland, Historic Royal Palaces, The National Trust for Scotland, St Fagans National History Museum.

I work from home but also have a business in Brackley so you can visit to discuss any projects you have or call me on 0754 1213 702 during opening hours. Or you can call me in the evenings on 01280 702451.

If you are looking for quality workmanship from someone who knows about leatherwork  I can help. To contact me please email or ring me.
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